Minimising Costs

Historically companies have resigned themselves to thinking that demands by Customs and other border agencies are a costly burden and overhead that they can do nothing about. “it’s customs - there’s nothing we can do”.

Five Lanes Consultancy helps companies to change their attitude and practices and take a more pro-active approach to managing their customs related costs. Provided compliance is proven, there are usually savings to be made.

Examples of opportunities and efficiencies include:

  • Recognising and reclaiming duty refunds
  • Correctly classifying products
  • Managing Service Providers
  • Analysing trading patterns
  • Using automation to its maximum potential
  • Assessing if Just in Time is essential?
  • Cashflow advantages if goods are stored for a long time?
  • Cashflow advantages if imported components or raw materials are processed
  • Duty minimisation if your imports are re-exported

We can help ascertain if a company is operating in the most cost-effective way.

Depending on the type of business, a review and simple cost benefit analysis will identify opportunities to reduce all customs costs to a minimum.

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