Prepare for a customs visit

There are three main reasons why HMRC (Customs) might visit a company:

  1. They have a concern and want to check a specific issue – generally they might turn up unannounced
  2. They normally carry out a review every three to five years, depending on the company, volume of import/export activity, type of product and authorisations held. In this situation they would normally give prior notice and detail the specific areas they want to examine, i.e. a selection of historic customs declarations.
  3. A company has applied for a customs authorisation (i.e. customs warehousing, Approved Exporter status) that requires an audit of the processes and procedures to ensure the company understands its obligations.

In this situation, all documentation, processes and procedures and staff involved must be ready for the visit.

Five Lanes Consultancy assists customers in preparing for such visits (apart from option 1) and can be present during the visit.

Our aim is to ensure that you are ready for any question that HMRC might ask.

Five Lanes Consultancy is best placed to assist you in meeting this responsibility and help you achieve and manage continuous compliance.

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