Howard Levene

I have worked in various capacities in the customs and international trade environment for many years. 

Having spent a number of years as an HMRC computer audit officer, I moved into industry and enhanced my experience by working with a customs software house, two of the worlds’ biggest supply chain and logistics companies, two of the big four consulting firms and most importantly as the Europe Middle East and African Customs Director for a global automotive supplier giving me insight into all areas of supply chain, importing and exporting. 

In the past I represented the automotive supplier industry at a number HMRC and EC committees and currently attend some key HMRC and other government department consultative committees and working groups.I am now putting my experience to good use as an independent customs and trade adviser to a number of companies in the retail, automotive and other manufacturing and resale environments together with supply chain and logistics areas. 

Whilst providing support to ensure the most cost-effective compliance with current requirements, I believe that there is huge scope for innovation and further automation in the customs and international trade environment and as such continue to drive forward new ideas for the benefit of both trade and government.

David Hesketh

I am an educator and innovator in the world of customs and trade. After 42 years’ service I retired from UK Customs in May 2017 as Head of Customs Research and Development.

I have extensive international customs experience having worked with a wide range of organisations including HM Customs and Excise, HM Revenue and Customs, the World Customs Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council, UNCTAD, UN CEFACT and the Department for International Development. From 2005 to 2008 I worked in the private sector as Revenue Business Development Director with Crown Agents and from 2016 to 2018 for British Maritime Technology as UK Work Package Leader in the EU funded CORE Project and for Uniserve Group in the Supply Chain Academy.